Our second webinar The New Kids on the Block – Using Social Media Like Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr to Engage and Have Fun with Your Fans this Summer in our free eAcademy Summer series, presented by Nikki Guevarra, is broken down into three parts where you will be introduced to three new social media platforms.  With details of each platform, insight into how successful brands use them, and quick tips, you can start on your way to mastering follower engagement.

  • Why you should care about Pinterest and Instagram
  • What these platforms have in common
  • Who is using these platforms well
  • How these apply to the Vacation Rental Industry

  • Set up your profile with Pinterest
  • Optimize your profile, boards, and pins
  • Apply best practices
  • Promote through social media and your website
  • Host a Competition

  • Set up your Instagram and Tumblr profiles
  • Participate and engage the community
  • Host a photo contest on Instagram
  • Use existing social media tools to grow your followers
  • Take advantage of Tumblr features that support brands
The eAcademy Summer Series webinars are designed for marketing directors, vice presidents, and marketing professionals.