Visual Data Systems is excited to announce a newly developed blog solution now available to our clients.  In an effort to streamline marketing consulting with existing client blogs, Visual Data created a solution in-house that, among other things, is search engine friendly, housed on an independent platform, and completely integrated with the Visual Data admin set-up.  

Ten Reasons to Upgrade to The New Visual Data Systems Blog in 2014

1. Even More Search Engine Friendly

  • All content will be found in a sub-folder ( instead of a subdomain ( This has long been the preferred choice of the search engines.
  • You will have the ability to name the pages within an editor we create. The post name will be identical to the blog url and is a prime location to target keywords.
  •  All blog posts will credit your domain from a search engine standpoint. Adding content to the blog will essentially be viewed the same as adding static pages to the site.

2. Import all your Historical Data 

We'll be able to import previous posts from past blogs as long as their current interface allows an export. You will not only keep all your past posts, but you won't have to do anything manually to transfer them. Once imported, all the past content will immediately boost the credibility of the main client domain. (Check out our Labels and Archive to the right).

3. Easy to Use

The VDS blog editor will be straight forward and simple to use. It is similar to a Microsoft Office type text editor. You will have the ability to upload photos and back or future date posts as you wish. You'll also be able to draft posts without posting them live.

4. Better Stability

The stability of the blog will be unmatched in our own environment. Occasionally we find ourselves at the mercy of Blogger when they change their product. Templates don't work as they should, widgets break, or spacing may be thrown off.  Subsequently, the support time to try to fix something we don't control can be taxing and an unnecessary expense.  

5. Seamless Design

The blogs will match the look and feel of your existing site much better. They can reside within the page 2 templates or the you can have your own blog template created. Either way, it will be much easier to match to a client’s brand than to manipulate someone else's existing templates.

6. Customizable

In the future, VDS will be able to create customizations depending on what you are looking for as we can for your website.

7. Easy Access

You will be able to access everything directly in your VDS TAC.  Your new blog will have an accompanying RSS Feed to syndicate content out to social media or other content aggregators. 

8. Full Control of Posts

You will have full moderation of all comments made on posts or the ability to have comments removed altogether.

9. 100% Ownership of Content

You will own all content. Currently all blogger content is actually owned by Blogger. We have yet to see them moderate anyone's blog, however, this should provide piece of mind to the original author.

10. Less Maintance

It can be hard to find time to add content to your site, even though this is an extremely important action for Google's new algorithm change, Hummingbird.  Posting on a blog is a quick, easy, and limitless way to add fresh content which can replace the previous solution of adding landing pages to the site...which means lower costs overall to you!

Interested in adding the new blog solution to your website? Contact Alisa Holmes today.