World Class Consulting, Research, Testing and Design Lead to Industry Leading Success in Email Marketing for Vacation Rental and Related Industries
Columbia, MD – April 2011/Visual Data Systems/Press Release - Visual Data Systems, the leading independent provider of website design; software integration; online marketing including search engine promotion; managed email marketing and consultation for the vacation rental and related industries, has announced that in 2010 clients who participated in Encore Managed Email reaped a total benefit of over 12 million dollars in online bookings.
Encore Managed Email Marketing by Visual Data Systems sent out over 500 specific client email campaigns, which represents over 3.5 individual emails in 2010. Almost as impressive as the over 12 million dollars in directly linked online bookings (others who received an email and called the client to make a reservation do not count in these statistics) and the close to $100 average return on every dollar spent on clients in this program is Encore’s average click through rate (CTR) of 12.3% which means that over 12% of the people who open the clients email find the message compelling enough to click on a link to go to the clients website. The benchmark CTR for the Travel Industry is 2.71% according