Visual Data Systems presented in four different learning sessions at the Vacation Rental Managers Association National Conference in Phoenix, Arizona this past October.  All of the slides used for each of the presentations described below can be found here.  Our presenters have provided a brief summary on key points of  their sessions.

10 Online Marketing Tools For Marketing on a Budget
"My presentation covered ten different tools geared towards vacation rental companies marketing on a budget. On a budget, doesn't always mean free but it does mean the tools discussed show a consistently high ROI based on the time and financial investment.

This is an advanced level session intended for viewers who have some knowledge of at least some of the tools covered. That's not to say a beginner level viewer will not take away solid actionable information. However, because there are 10 different tools covered, it is heavily strategy based with the basics covered only briefly." - Mark Randle, Online Marketing Manager

From Conception to Launch, Tips and Tricks for a Successful Website Build
"Alexander Graham Bell once said, 'Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.' When it comes to building a website for the first time, this is most certainly true.  As a veteran in the field of web development I have found it is often times, confusing, overwhelming and frustrating to put together an effective website especially in the Vacation Rental Management realm.

In order to get started there is a lot of prep work, that if done right can help prepare you for the proposal process, build and eventual maintenance of a site. Just knowing some of the terminology, how to choose a developer and the build process is a good way to overcome some of the challenges you will face.   In my session I go over some things to help you through this.  If you have any questions you can call me at 410-964-8665 ext. 234 or email me at  I will be happy to answer any questions you have about the presentation slides or the process of building a new Vacation Rental management website." - Alisa Holmes, Sales Consultant

Peaking During the Offseason: An Email Marketing Case Study That Will Give Your Reservation Numbers a Lift
"Our session walks participants through email marketing best practices, effective campaign creation, setting business goals and the art of defining a goal to maximize reservations in non peak seasons. The final part of the presentation includes a real case study which outlines the methodology, campaign structure, market segmentation and results that were achieved." - Kelly Hurley, President

The Mobile Revolution: Options and Solutions To Keep Your Brand In Front of Your Audience
"The presentation discussed how we are moving from a revolution  how people are getting information into another evolutionary stage of technology and information gathering by consumers. During the presentation, I reviewed some important statistics pertaining to mobile marketing including ones relevant to the travel industry.

I also did a recap of how to find mobile traffic numbers through Google Analytics and the pro’s and con’s of the four main options vacation rental and hospitality companies have for presenting their products to the mobile consumer – including building a mobile site and/or a mobile application. There was also a discussion on how tablets fit in the mobile market place as opposed to smartphones." - Robert Gray, Vice President

We hope you enjoy viewing the slides found here, and if you have any questions or would like more information on how Visual Data Systems can help you achieve success online, please do not hesitate to contact us at