Think With Google, the online platform where Google shares trends and industry reports, has just launched a beta Data Gallery that houses insights, micro-moments, and, of course, data for many different industries. We were given access to the beta product, and here’s what we learned for the travel and hospitality industry:

  1. Mobile is important for search and conversions.  Mobile queries themselves grew 50% year over year for travel, but the Data Gallery revealed that 25% of consumers search for local information (things to do, restaurants, etc.) while on their smartphones during a trip.  It is important to make that data accessible to your users on your own site so that they don’t need to go anywhere else!  Also, 46% of travelers who do research on mobile make their final booking decision on a mobile device, but move to another platform to make the actual booking.  Keeping clean and easy-to-use search results across desktop and mobile can help that cross-device booking process. 
  2. You should be keeping in touch year round.  17% of travelers think about planning a vacation once a week and 37% think about it once a month!  Don’t just reach out to your potential guests during your busy booking season; keep in touch year round with email marketing efforts, paid search advertising, and social media posting.  Stay in the front of their mind so that their decision is made when they choose to plan their trip. 

  3. Creating brand advocates is important.  14% of brand advocates will post a review online compared to just 8% of non-brand advocates.  The influence of reviews and the power of brand recognition is more arbitrary to measure, so it’s essential to use every avenue available to tout your brand.  Creating brand advocates is easy with the Boomerang platform: guests can build rewards points, rental managers can stay in touch through email marketing, and there’s even a free app to keep in touch with all the mobile users.

We'll be sharing more of these insights with you on our Facebook page in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!