Abandoned Booking Recovery

Studies show that the average travel website has an almost 82% abandonment rate.*

In other words, 82% of the people that visit your site will leave before converting to a booking.

The new must-have e-commerce feature that we are proudly launching is our Abandoned Booking Recovery Module.

In the vacation rental industry, our data shows that the abandonment rate can be as high as 99%.

This can add up to thousands of dollars of lost revenue monthly.

A large percentage of abandonments happen because people are browsing for information and pricing.

But it’s been proven that when you send an email to those who have abandoned the booking process, 12-15% of those contacted by an email will convert to a booking.**

Here’s what you’ll get with our Abandoned Booking Recovery Module

A customized booking integration designed to capture emails of those who enter the booking process

A custom dynamic and responsive email to send out to those who abandon the booking process

A custom timing trigger that will send the email out

Reporting capability that will show you the number of abandoned booking emails mailed and the number of abandoned bookings recovered

Reporting of how much revenue has been returned to you with this feature

The Abandoned Booking Recovery Module will pay for itself in a short amount of time. Isn’t it time that you stopped letting revenue slip away? Contact us today for a free consultation, and don’t lose another dollar to abandoned bookings!

Help Me Recover Abandoned Bookings!

* Digital Doughnut 2017