About VDS


Founded in 1995 by Paul Herman and a team of internet pioneers, VDS has been at the forefront of web technology since it was first developed. Our staff includes numerous professionals who have been designing web-based internet marketing strategies and software solutions since the internet's first emergence as a vital business tool.

VDS has been instrumental in helping businesses harness the power of the internet, and leads the field in development of real-time legacy system integration solutions. Our industry-leading knowledge and experience continues to grow with each new project.

What We Do

VDS delivers internet solutions for all aspects of your business. We are continually expanding our line of products and services to ensure our customers attain their fullest potential on the web. Whether your goals include increasing profit, defining your brand, or distributing information, we are committed to helping you achieve them by providing a rich internet experience for your website visitors.

Our Promise

Since the web's conception, VDS has kept pace with industry and customer demands by remaining committed to the needs of our clients and the integrity of our products. We have adapted to changing technologies, but our core belief has remained constant: our clients' success is our success.

Many of our long-lasting client partnerships have been developed by providing consistently exceptional and highly personalized customer service. We continue to offer excellent customer service, cutting-edge product development and custom solutions to fit each client's unique needs.