Email Marketing Services

Encore - Managed Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to contact prospective and past customers to generate revenue and foster continuous customer loyalty. Our email marketing team has years of experience in design and content writing, leading to deep knowledge of various techniques and practices that can boost your ROI. Our managed email marketing program, Encore, creates effective messages that captivate readers while meeting the goals of our clients.

Our comprehensive strategy begins on your website, where we provide multiple capture points to expand your marketing database. From there, our consultants can provide insights that allow for segmenting your database to create campaigns that fully match the objectives of your business. And after we send out your campaigns, our platform allows for in-depth reporting and analysis on the metrics that demonstrate the impact of your e-mail marketing.

We currently provide two programs for clients interested in email marketing.

  • Standard Encore Program
  • Create targeted messages that will produce the lift your business has been missing.
  • Adherence to generally recognized best practices
  • One Custom Template
  • End of campaign analysis
  • Inquire for More
  • Enhanced Encore Program
  • A heavily consultative program designed for those looking to become more strategic in their online marketing.
  • Continued consultation with our email marketing team
  • Multiple Custom Templates
  • A/B split testing
  • Inquire for More

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