Ownernet 2.0:

OwnerNet offers a robust communication management platform between you and your owners. OwnerNet gives your owners the ability to create owner bookings, view your booking calendar, view your statement history and add new work orders all from the palm of your hand.

Auto Responder:

Auto Responder allows you to automate the communication process with your guests. We can trigger an auto-email for almost any event. If you’re looking for standard pre-arrival/post departure emails, or something more complex like an email to all guests with a remaining balance a week before it's due, Auto Responder increases your efficiency by bridging the communication gap with your guests.

Smart Capture:

VDS applies our state-of-the-art capture engine to your existing contact form. Responses to your form are saved, along with answers to market segment questions you have asked. You can access your questions at any time and change them according to season, promotions, events and much more.

Survey Scout (Online Survey Management):

With Survey Scout, you are able to survey your guests to increase satisfaction and retention, improve marketing and customer service online. The most innovative and advanced system of its kind, Survey Scout provides an online comment, opinion and survey management system that is easily adapted to your needs.

Ad Tracker:

Want to know how your web traffic is doing? Ad Tracker is a software tool for tracking the number of visits to a website that are generated by a specific advertisement.

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