SMS/Texting Communications

SMS/Text Messaging Communications for vacation rental managers is an easy-to-use product that will allow you to communicate with your vacationers with automatic and on-demand SMS/text messages. It will even allow you to use simple surveys to gauge how your clients feel about their vacation or your services.

Imagine sending automatic text messages based on certain criteria: Pre-Arrival, In-house, Post-Departure. In addition, you’ll have the ability to ask your guests how their vacation was, and if the score is high enough, to ask them to provide a review at the service you choose!

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Some examples of SMS/Text communications you can do automatically with this service include the following:


The day after your guests check-out, you can automatically text them asking to rate their vacation (from 1-5, with 5 being the best). Depending on their rating, you can send them back a response asking the highest scores to follow a link to write an online review.


• The week before arrival: remind them of things to bring, etc.
• The day before: remind them of check-in time and procedures and wish them safe travels.

During Their Stay

• The day after arrival, wish them a great vacation and ask if everything is what they expected.
• Remind them of garbage pick-up, events, and to book for next year
• Day before departure: Check-out time, procedures


Travel and weather alerts

Along with the service levels you choose, you will also get reporting on the texts you send, training on how to use the service, and our team will customize your messages to reflect your brand and verbiage. We will also work with you on segmenting your client list to make sure the right people get the right messages.

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